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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sam Conway
What can I say? 5 hours of lessons with this guy and an almost flawless pass.. res ipsa loquitor (the thing speaks for itself). Fundamentally, Ron is an extremely knowledgable driver. I learned a great deal in a very short time, which lead to a confident and smooth test. Furthermore, he is the perfect mixture of honest, constructively critical and calming. I felt comfortable whilst driving, I was able to correct my mistakes and it was a pleasure being in the car with him. Fantastic guy. I've been very fortunate to find someone so adaptable with such an excellent method of teaching; it has allowed a swift and painless pass for me. Thank you a million times over Ron, I would recommend you to anyone at any level. Seriously, if you want a decent instructor, it's Ron every day of the week. Finally, I'd like to mention that when I passed, he was over the moon. I could tell he's passionate about getting students through their tests, a quality which shows a rare and genuine approach. 10/10, I have absolutely nothing negative I could say - it's been such a pleasure. Sam.